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Green Machines - Applied 414
  • Green Machines 414 (SO218)
  • Green Machines 414 (SO218)

From city centre areas and precinct spaces to city parks and campuses. The Green Machines 414 is capable of cleaning virtually any outdoor space. Sweep all areas with confidence with it's effortless manoeuvrability 



414 - Green Machines Air Sweeper

Expect more from your sweeper with the versatile 400 Series.

From city centre spaces to college campuses to city parks and zoos, this popular line of Green Machines equipment is compact enough to clean almost any outdoor space. The 400 Series’ uniquely attractive styling coupled with its effective sweeping capabilities showcase your commitment to the environment.

414 - Air Sweeper - The Green Machines Original

    • Clean with the confidence that comes from effortless maneuverability in and around obstacles.
    • Be more environmentally friendly; the Green Machines 400 Series runs on less fuel and with less noise thanks to its Kudoba diesel engine.
    • Cover more area in less time with reduced dump cycles by compacting waste down to 33% of its original size.
  • Rely on the exceptional performance of the 400 Series' tested construction and proven design.


Easiy convert the Green Machines 414 from walk-behind to ride-behind with a comfortable fold-and-stow seat (optional).

    • Simplify cleaning in extremely tight areas with the 2.4 meter wanderhose.
    • Use your vacuum sweeper year-round with optional snow plough / de-icer package.
  • Be recognized for your cleaning programme; customise the colour of any Green Machines model to match your public space’s image.





Hours: 626

Body / Make Model: Green Machines / Applied 414
Engine: Diesel
Date of Registration: May 2015
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